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Granite Bowls from the Granite State

                                    Universe and White Granite bowls dimensions below These granite bowls are made from rock collected in New Hampshire. I moved to the United States from Brittany, France in 2016. My work has changed, in France it was easy to find large scale cubes of stone to work with--a 4 foot by 4 foot cube of stone could be had for a bottle of wine. In New York City I worked with pieces of marble slab from stone shops that make countertops. New Hampshire is the granite state, stones walls and rocks are everywhere. I have been working with a quarry to collect stones. Each one has a different coloration-some are dotted with semi-precious stones. Each one is unique depending on the grain of the stone and natural coloration. The bowls and planters are carved and polished. $400-500 each and hand-delivered or shipped!                                                 White Granite,  height: 5.5" diameter 11", $400.                       

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